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What our Users Say


“Throughout the four years we have used the Veriquant medFramework, we have appreciated the prompt and thorough technical support, the features of the system and the hosted subscription business model. We did not have to make an initial investment in software or servers. We are happy not to have to worry about purchasing or installing periodic upgrades; these happen automatically.


“We have appreciated the richness of the pre-submission claim scrub process, catching errors up front and keeping denials to a minimum. Cardiology has unique submission requirements; this system enables us to create scrubs targeting our particular requirements.


“The system has an excellent capacity automatically to sense all the details—especially relating to insurance—that must be dealt with and to present them in the form of seventeen active to-do lists. Items on these lists, when clicked, navigate directly to the problem entities. These lists have helped us run a well-ordered and profitable practice.


“This system, unlike any other I’ve seen or heard of, is unique in its use of an application tree, the foundational tool by which we interact with all our data. We have found it powerful, easy to use and superior to the layers of screens that other systems launch as one navigates from one entity to another.


“Veriquant remains vital our success.”


Judy Cobb, Office Manager, Park Ridge Cardiology, Hendersonville, North Carolina .




"I opened my physical therapy medical billing service in 2004 and immediately selected the Veriquant medFramework. This decision has proven to be a big reason for our success. I have found the software easy to use. Accounts receivable are very easy to work and follow up on. Statements are clear to patients and reduce patient questions. The claim scrubs (CCI Edits) for each insurance company help prevent inaccurate billing and help ensure that all claims go out right the first time. The electronic billing and reports help our cash flow tremendously. This program is accessible and HIPPA secure from any remote location. You can work anywhere any time, even on the road via a cell phone connection, as I have done. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Veriquant employees for everything they do to keep my company running smoothly."


Katrina Debruhl-Covan, owner, Covan Enterprises