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Medical Billing Service Suitability


The Veriquant medFramework has already proven its value for medical billing services. Because we host the data, a simple installation of the medFramework at both the billing service and at the medical practice location permits both parties to view data and reports and to share data input responsibilities in whatever way the situation requires. This concept could prove particularly useful for practices lacking in-house personnel resources, but who, over time, intend to assume increasing responsibilities as trained personnel become available.


One common operational model currently in place for several of our clients has the practice managing its own scheduling and the billing service using that scheduling information to verify its own charge entry. In other cases, practices may merely wish to monitor reports. In yet other cases, the practice may wish to enter both its charges and personal payments on site, but then outsource insurance claim denials to the medical billing service.


One Medical Billing Service currently using the medFramework and who has kindly agreed to offer a reference is Covan Enterprises, Inc. at 828-298-8249, email