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About Us


For much of its history since 1991, Veriquant provided comprehensive software development services (involving from-scratch software for order entry, factory production, sales and bar-code-based inventory control) to the dispersed U.S. operations of two multi-national paper manufacturers. During that same period we supported a legacy medical practice management system. More recently, on the basis of both our industrial and medical experience, we produced an entirely new practice management system. We offer it as a mature hosted subscription service. It is now used by physical therapists and physicians of several specialties.


To give the current practice management system, the Veriquant medFramework, its distinctive power and flexibility, we created, in addition, our own application development platform, the Veriquant Framework. This we are now beginning to offer for a wider array of uses. These two endeavors constitute our current major areas of emphasis. The Veriquant Framework project is a pioneering endeavor to bring dramatically higher performance and efficiency to on-line computing. That is our mission.