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Encounter Form

Encounter forms print on plain paper based on templates configured by users. You can control the following features of the printed result:
  • Font
  • Font size
  • Line height
  • Line count
  • Header appearance, bold or not
  • Section titles and section sequence
  • Diagnoses for diagnoses sections
  • Procedures for procedure sections
  • Custom descriptions for specific items if needed
  • Items other than procedures of diagnoses
  • Item sequence within sections
  • Blank lines

The encounter form also provides:

  • Special section for diagnoses the patient has previously had, showing most recent date for each
  • All pertinent demographic information, including name and address of responsible party
  • Practitioner's name
  • Insurance and copay information
  • Next appointment information
  • Balance before today
  • Today's totals
  • Amount paid with check number, such that the form serves as a receipt


  • Encounter forms can be printed automatically for all scheduled patients for a given day.
  • Specialized encounter forms can be configured for special patient categories and even assigned to specific patients.
  • Can be printed generically, without patient information.