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Ad Hoc Reporting


With its EAV/CR component, the Veriquant Framework allows users to create and configure reports from any data within the system of nodes. Some of the features include:


  • Query criteria can be simple or complex, with a special tree control available for nested and-or logic.
  • The query generator can detect a user’s attempt to search against one or more ranges of values without having to grapple with explicitly specifying and-or logic.
  • Users can select columns to appear on reports, specify column order, groupings, aggregations and sorts both prior to query launch or after arrival of the result set.
  • Special groupings are available for date columns, including day, month, week, quarter and year.
  • Fonts, report titles, report headers and footers can be set.
  • Grouped data can be displayed hierarchically under expandable rows and, simultaneously, be viewed in flat mode, with grouped values and aggregate associated values on single non-expandable rows.
  • All report specifications are created simply by use of three interrelated grids. Users do not specify SQL.
  • Coded values with names appear on the report as their friendly names.
  • Report configurations can be saved under report titles, such that users are able to create countless named reports.
  • Reports can be exported to most major formats, including comma-separated values (CSV), Excel spreadsheet, PDF, text, rich text, XML, HTML and MHT.
  • If users include entity ID values in reports, all entities represented on lines of the report can be sent to the application tree, from where all data associated with those entities can be viewed and all associated links (to parent or child data) can be followed and examined. This means that the Veriquant Framework ad hoc reporting tool is fully drillable. A line on the report grid is a direct avenue to all data and data paths represented by that line.