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At the data center: fewer servers, no squandered energy, no wasted resources.

Internet applications need a new operational paradigm as badly as does the auto industry, and for many of the same reasons. The existing paradigm of browsers, web servers and text-based scripts, pages, program code and data is equivalent to a car running at eight miles per gallon at a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour on a perfectly smooth, wide, uncongested and level highway. Heat-emitting servers, proliferating in energy-burning data centers, strain to handle endless streams of costly, yet trivial requests from unthinking client computers. Rivers of network traffic convey trickles of actual payload information. And client computers flail away at tasks that insult their intelligence while barred from tasks that would lighten the load at the data center and everywhere in between.


For simple page delivery Veriquant offers no challenge to the existing paradigm. But for serious, data-intensive applications involving prolonged user interaction, five servers could be reduced to one; bandwidth consumption and network traffic could be cut as much, and user productivity would rise as pauses and latencies are eliminated.


To this end Veriquant offers not merely a new data management platform, the Veriquant Framework, and not merely a medical practice management application built on that platform, the Veriquant medFramework, but a new way of using the internet. The case could be made on environmental grounds alone. Our objective is nothing less than to increase, by an order of magnitude, the speed, efficiency and power of online, data-intensive computing.

Over the wire: little overhead, no wasted bandwidth.
At one's fingertips: simplicity, power and speed.